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Hi, I'm Lilian
I help women make fulfilling decisions by connecting them with their intuition or Higher Self.

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The significance of the Higher Self in personal evolution.

Coming from the infinite light that shines through the multitude of universes. An intelligent creation that is innocent and loving at its core. A conscious creation that doesn’t even know why it exists. Yet it notices and wonders about its surroundings, wondering if there is more to know and experience. Many spiritual teachings refer to this as the One, the Source, the Nothing, the Creator, or, for some, God.

In my personal understanding, I describe our connection with infinite wisdom as follows:

With so many questions of existence and immense curiosity for more, the best way to deal with all questions is to split into eons of fragments of Light/Self. This can be called the first embodiment of Creative Intelligence. We can call it the Higher SELF!

These glimmers of Light or Creation-Self are sent out to gain knowledge and to satisfy all questioning thoughts by sharing their experiences. Over time, these embodiments have gained knowledge of different realities, bodies, or dimensions. The Higher Self is the creative part of the Creative Intelligence that has been created and experienced all along.

It is through our Higher Self that we are in touch with the Intelligent Creation of all things.

In a sacred union with purpose and a mission, the Higher Self enters the physical realm through our bodies. The physical experience is an amazing journey full of different conditions, challenges, and so many opportunities to really experience firsthand what it means to love, to create, to achieve, but also to hate, to feel sad, to feel despair, and so on.

In the Beyond, there is no judgment; what counts is sharing knowledge to keep expanding and growing consciousness. In other words, each individual has a spark that guides, shapes, and ultimately is so creative that it is beyond our human understanding. This is where the richness and nurturing wisdom humans can access comes from when we allow the Higher Self to be an essential part of our lives.

It requires that we recognize and claim that we are a contributing and essential part of the intelligence of Creation and that we are also divine intelligent Creation itself.

It’s a holy gift that we get to live and experience an earthly life!

It is a unique journey supported by love and wisdom to help us navigate life.

Share your thoughts. I love to read them.

Thank you for joining The Serene Sanctuary. As you begin to create your life, this community is here to offer insight and support. Feel free to share your thoughts and connect with others on this transformative journey. Happy Designing! I’m here to listen if you need personal support or want to share a message. Send it here.

Your stories will be celebrated in The Serene Sanctuary. 🎊

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