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Hi, I'm Lilian
I help women make fulfilling decisions by connecting them with their intuition or Higher Self.

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A Glimpse into the Intuitive Insight of the 4 Clairs.

Have you ever wondered how intuitive information is gathered during a session?

Join me as we explore the world of clairvoyance, my most potent intuitive radar. I rely on the four Clairs of intuitive connection, each offering a unique way of receiving, recognizing, and sharing particular insights.

The Four Clairs:

The ability to hear messages or voices beyond the physical realm.

Clairvoyance (seeing images):

The ability to see pictures or even movies with one’s eyes closed or open provides a glimpse into another experience.

Clairsentience (recognizing emotions):

The ability to sense and interpret emotions and energies.


Intuitive knowing without having to prove it.

The Power of Clairvoyance:

My primary power is clairvoyance, which allows me to see images that hold significant meaning for clients. These scenes, often described during the session, serve as a profound complement, leaving no doubt about their personal significance.

Activate your intuitive radar:

Everyone has the potential to awaken and fine-tune the four Clairs.

Try this simple exercise to tap into your psychic abilities:

Center yourself:

Find a calm and relaxed state; center your focus.

Call upon your higher self:

Close your eyes and ask your logical mind to step aside. Ask your Higher Self to reveal insights about a particular subject you need to understand more about.

Focus on the Third Eye:

Focus on the spot between your eyes, the Third Eye. Imagine a light projecting forward like a camera light. Focus your attention on the appearing image.

If successful, congratulations! šŸ’ If not, be patient. Awakening intuitive gifts is a unique journey for each individual šŸ˜Š.

Curious about your intuitive gifts? Let’s connect if you want to explore which Clair resonates with you. Together we can uncover the unique intuitive gifts waiting to be gently awakened within you.

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