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Hi, I'm Lilian
I help women make fulfilling decisions by connecting them with their intuition or Higher Self.

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Going on a quest to discover your life’s purpose is like unlocking a hidden treasure.

Let’s dive into the transformative joy of finding your unique calling and the magic it brings to life.

The Four Essential Questions:

Finding your soul’s purpose involves a deep exploration of four essential questions:

What is my Being?

Discover the essence of who you are at your core. Understand the unique qualities that define who you are.

What is my doing?

Identify the actions and pursuits that bring fulfillment to your essence. What activities resonate deeply with your authentic self?

What is my soul mission?

Delve into the experiences your soul longs to encounter in this lifetime. Uncover the deeper purpose behind your existence.

What is my calling?

Recognize how your attributes and unique characteristics can be of service to others. What is the contribution that aligns with your authentic self?

The magical choice:

The real magic happens when, with your understanding of purpose, you consciously decide to pursue it. Your free will allows you to choose whether or not to accept your calling. A positive decision transforms life into a fascinating playground where every step is guided by the purpose that resides within you.

Build on your inner foundation:

Discovering your unique calling becomes your inner foundation, an unshakeable ground on which to build the life of your dreams. It provides clarity, direction, and meaning beyond the common—a life where you find joy and appreciation in your daily pursuits.

A divine revelation:

I vividly remember discovering the answers to these four essential questions. A surge of energy coursed through my body, and an unmistakable sense of divine magic filled me.

There was no room for doubt; I knew without a doubt that this was my calling.

The journey of finding your purpose is a sacred and transformative experience.

May you, too, experience the joy of discovering your unique purpose as you venture into the depths of your soul. It’s a journey that transcends the mundane, giving each moment meaning.

Life is truly magical when you dance to the rhythm of your purpose-driven heartbeat.

Share your thoughts. I love to read them.

Thank you for joining our Serene Sanctuary. As you begin to create your life, this community is here to offer insight and support. Feel free to share your thoughts and connect with others on this transformative journey. I’m here to listen if you need personal support or want to share a message. Send it here.

Your stories will be celebrated. 🎊

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Welcome to my blog, where I'm dedicated to empowering women over 40 to unlock their full potential. It's all about simplifying decision-making to reflect your true self and aspirations.

Join me on this path to power and alignment. For tailored guidance, I'm just a message away. Let's start this transformative journey together.

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